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government did ask the fbi to investigate tamerlan. the fbi says it checked data bases, interviewed tamerlan and family members but, quote, did not find any terrorism activity, domestic or foreign. on sunday some lawmakers said the fbi may have dropped the ball. >> anwr alaki. now this case with the older brother. this is at least the fifth case i'm aware of where the fbi has failed to stop someone who ultimately became a terrorist murderer. >> then in 2012 camm etamerlan traveled to dagestan where his mother was from and both parents live now. he stayed there for six months. within a month of his return in august 2012, he set up this youtube account full of islamic postings with a very radical bend. >> you know he had some radicalization before he left. you know that he didn't probably travel on his own name or some variation of his own name. and when he comes back, he has a renewed interest in that radicalization belief. >> the suspect parents now estranged and reached in dagestan over the weekend claim their children have been set up. investigators are also putting together a timeline of
. there are no suspects as of this evening. no arrests have been made. the investigation is now being headed by the fbi in conjunction with other federal and state and local agencies. i want to bring in now a young man today who is an eyewitness to what happened today. jared walker. he was eating with co-workers from ibm at a restaurant a football field's length of way when he heard the first explosion. thanks for being here. you're 100 yards away. what was it like watching? >> we were inside the restaurant, heard the first explosion. kind of shook the building a little bit. we kind of wondered what it was. looked outside and saw some smoke and actually ran outside. then the second one blew up about 100 yards from us like, right there in front of us. >> did they sound like they were about the same size? >> the first one it sounded small because it was farther down street. i didn't realize until i actually watched the footage when i got home, you know, they were basically the same size. i saw it. you know, ran back into the restaurant and i fotold everyona bomb went off. some people were in shock. they
consider that this is one of the pictures that the fbi is circulating of one of the two devices that exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon on monday. one of those devices included a specifically made tenergy battery. specifically made in the sense it's not a ubiquitous supermarket battery. you can really only buy that sort of thing in select hobby stores or online. tenergy said this week they were appalled one of their batteries was used in this bombing. the company's vice president saying, quote, the main use for these is toys to bring people joy and to see it used in this way is horrifying. the company says they have reached out to the fbi to assist in any way they can with the investigation, which presumably could involve, providing the fbi with a list of which stores in the boston region they sell this particular battery to. the fbi has been canvassing stores in the area to see if they were purchased there. specifically those tenergy batteries and other potential components. that one little detail about the battery is just one of the ways in which the investig
that you asked about, the factors here, it's worth repeating that this did not start with the fbi going out and trying to arrest someone for started the boston bombing. it was something that started to escalate into this night of shootings and explosions in watertown, in at least one or two police officers were killed. interest by the fbi in people in this area, that's number one. so, it's not as though there wasn't an interest by fbi for folks in that area. suggestion number two is, that both eyewitnesses and law enforcement officials have said as things settled down, you could see a pressure cooker and a suggestion that it was a pressure cooker device on the street up there, that one of these suspects may have tried to deploy and that's important, because one and two possibility two of the bombings used in the boston bombing was built in a pressure cooker and number three, there was a name of a person that they were trying to find who initially we were told may have been one of the people in custody, we're not quite so certain right now. we're still trying to figure what the names are. bu
by an affidavit most likely from an fbi agent that should have addition additional details about the evidence that the government hases on tsarnaev, where he bought the parts of the bomb, what actual -- we may learn where he purchased his weapons. other evidence that ties him direct directly to the bombing. and it could illuminate information we've all been looking for about how the bombs were made, when they were made, where they were made. we don't know how much the fbi knows at this point, but that's the kind of information that you often see in a criminal complaint of this kind. >> yeah. michael, i'm curious, what are we learning now about the fbi's prior look at the older brother who was killed, tamerlan tsarnaev? and is the fbi facing criticism is now? >> reporter: oh, yes. absolutely i think you're going to see an intense focus from capitol hill on this. and a lot of questions for the fbi. what we learned yesterday is that the fbi did have prior information about the older brother, tamerlan, that the russian intelligence service had had asked the fbi to investigate him in 2011 saying h
if it wanted to. in terms of what the evidence shows, according to the fbi, it's partly the photographic evidence and partly the forensic evidence. as for the photographs, they give a long discussion of what they say is a key piece of the evidence from the second bombing scene. and this is taken from the restaurant right in front of where the bomb was placed. and according to this video, you see dzhokhar tsarnaev come into the frame. he's wearing a backpack. he works his way into the crowd, the video says. you see him take the backpack off. they say still photos show the backpack at his feet. and then they say it's very telling that at the moment the first bomb goes off, you see the people in the crowd around him look in alarm toward the first bombing scene, but they say he doesn't. they say he appears calm. glances that direction momentarily. appears to work his cell phone. and then walks away and then a few seconds after that, the second bomb goes off at the spot where he put down his backpack. so that's the photographic evidence. then they also talk about physical evidence. they say t
place, the fbi is investigating it as an act of terrorism. any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror. >> well, there's still so much we don't know. who did this? no one knows. why? was it an act of domestic terrorism or foreign? was this the work of an individual or a group of people? despite the stepped up police presence at the site, despite the advanced frenzices used by the investigators, despite all the cell phones we're using, all those videos out there, there's no guarantee who is responsible for this will be discovered any time soon. it took nearly two years, let's remember, for the fbi to locate and arrest the unabomber, two decades, rather. the unabbomber. let's begin this hour with former cia counterterrorism director, larry johnson. your thoughts about this kind of challenge and the working relationships among the various agencies, federal and state. >> one of the biggest issues usually in all of these events has been the interaction between federal law enforcement and local law enforcement. in the 1993 world trade center bombing because
somewhat silent on that? >> reporter: absolutely silent, alex. they're basically saying ask the fbi, ask the police about that, and they are saying nothing as well. it's a very tight lid on top of any information about him so far today. that could change perhaps, but you have to understand and, of course, you do, that this is a very, very delicate and sensitive situation and so it seems unlikely that the doctors are going to tell us a lot about what his condition is, particularly as you were saying how investigators want to question him as soon as they can. we do know that he was brought here last night in serious condition is the word that was used by the boston police commissioner. we understand that he was bleeding heavily, that he had been wounded -- we don't know at what point in the 20 hours or so that he was on the run that that injury happened. we also were told and understand that he was somewhat incoherent when the police confronted him and tried to communicate with him. but the extent of that is unclear at this point. what will they ask him? obviously, trying to figure out, fi
to the fbi last november about the 26-year-old. and crime scene units are back at the bomb site in boston right now. they're placing debris into garbage trucks. crews were seen sifting last night throughout that debris. let's go to pete williams. with a good afternoon to you, pete, let's talk first about the status of the charges in this case and what the likely charges will be. >> yes, i think the odds are pretty good that we'll see these charges in the next couple of hours. they're putting the final touches on them now. and we expect to learn a little more about what the fbi has assembled based on its investigation of the bombing. so perhaps there will be some new details that we'll get. in terms of the charges, i would think at the very least they'll charge him with the bombing, with a terrorism offense for that. and interestingly enough, under the federal statutes, which apply here, use of a weapon of mass destruction, which is the federal law version of what a bomb is, if death results, then that is a capital offense. the government could seek the death penalty. massachusetts is a st
.s. attorney's office in massachusetts is working together with the fbi, the atf and other federal, state and law enforcement officials on the investigation. msnbc news is reporting that 460 national guardsmen have arrived on site as well. a white house official tells msnbc news that, quote, any event with multiple explosive devices as this appears to be is clearly an act of terror and will be approached as an act of terror. we'll talk more about what that means. early this evening, the president himself addressed the nation. >> we're continuing to monitor and respond to the situation as it unfolds. i directed the full resources of the federal government to help state and local authorities protect our people, increase security around the united states as necessary and investigate that. we still do not know who did this or why. and people shouldn't jump to conclusionings befos before we the facts. but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this, we'll find out why they did this. any response -- responsible individuals, any responsible groups, will f
to michaels i cough, again, in boston. what is the fbi focusing on today and moving forward? >> reporter: federal prosecutors are focusing on drafting a criminal complaint we could see as early as this afternoon, detailing the criminal charges against him supported by an affidavit from an fbi agent that would lay out some details of the plot. not all of them but could provide crucial new information for us about what tsarnaev actually did and raise and shed some light on whether the fbi think there is are any accomplices or not. at the same time, have this high-value intelligence interrogation team that is planning to question him as early as they can without reading him his miranda rights, the standard rights you see on every crime show. mandated by the constitution are not going to be use td used in case. [ inaudible ] that is quite controversial already. the aclu has questioned that, has said this is un-american. and it's gonna be very controversial to see how far they go and what the scope of the questioning is by this high-value interrogation team. clearly, what they want to know, d
. >> the immediate area where the blast happened is closed. the fbi now leading a sweeping investigation and asking the public to please send in their photos, their videos and they're vowing to scour every frame, every piece of video for answers. boston's leaders this morning asking for vigilance and promising the city will bounce back. >> everyone should expect continued heightened police presence and everyone should continue personally to be vigilant. >> bad day for boston but i think if we pull together we'll get through it. we're a strong city. people willing to work together to make it a better place for all of our people. >> we want to thank those from around the country and world whose prayers and thoughts and offers of help have poured in. we're deeply grateful as mayor says, boston will survive. >> at the white house, the american flag is at half staff. the president getting regular briefings this morning about the ongoing response and the investigation. this morning, he signed a proclamation in honor of the victims and yesterday at dinner time he promised a relentless search for answers.
of boston can rest comfortably at this point in time. >>> but did the fbi miss warning signs after interviewing 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev in 2011? where did the brothers get their guns? their training? and their inspiration? >>> in washington, the boston terror attack could become an excuse to slow down immigration reform. >> if ways to improve the bill offered amendment when we start mark-up in may and let's vote on it. i say that particularly those pointing to what happened, the terrible tragedy in boston as a -- i would say excuse for not doing the bill or delaying it many months or years. >> i never said that! >> i never said that! >> i didn't say you did, sir. >> i didn't say -- >> i didn't say you did. >>> today, funeral services for one of the bombing victims, 29-year-old krystle campbell. and across boston and the world, the outpouring of support for the victims and the heroes continues. ♪ sweet caroline ♪ whoa whoa whoa ♪ good times never seemed so good ♪ ♪ so good, so good, so good ♪ i've been inclined ♪ whoa whoa whoa >> an emotional week in boston and
.c. with the very latest now. pete, let's talk about in nugget that was revealed this morning. the fbi now saying that they did in fact interview the older brother early in 2011 for some possible ties to terrorist activity. do we know why at this point the fbi did not pursue him further? >> reporter: yes, they have been quite candid about this. they say in early twlech2011, tt a request from a foreign government, and i think it's the worst-kept secret in town that it's the russians, who say they're concerned that he has terrorism connections, that he's become radicalized. so the fbi does what it says it's able to do under the law. they looked at whether he was in any of the federal databases of suspected terrorists or whether there was any indication that he was communicating either by phone or my looking at internet sites with any suspected terrorist organizations or individuals. they looked at his travel, travel history, all of that came up negative. so then they decided to interview him. they questioned him, questioned members of his family and after doing all that they said we've got nothing
've heard from officials is the reason why the fbi made that decision on thursday to come public with the photographs was because of the worry if they did not do that, that these brothers could possibly have some other type of explosion. so the theory was if you do not -- we're going to risk them muscling up with their firearms that they had. they were not registered. they were illegal guns. they had other types of ied explosives. some used in the fire fight, others presumably at their location, the apartment and the dorm room. that decision by the police was because they would rather have allowed the brothers some sort of time, perhaps, to get armed or do whatever, and anything in between would be collateral damage. they thought that would be more important than allowing them to perhaps carry out another attack. it's a fascinating development as this story moves on. >> luke, in addition to the explosive devices, what are we learning about the actual guns that these young men had? >> reporter: well, we learned, i believe they were handguns, but we learned from the cambridge polic
into chatter, monitoring videos and reports of field agents, but even if the fbi is tipped off to potential american terrorists, there's are limits to what can be done. "the new york times" reports that after the tib questioned tamerlan tsarnaev in 2011, officials had quote no authority to watch him because they found no terrorism activity at the time. this scenario that an american could and would do this while flying under the radar raises serious questions regarding national security. the "washington post" writes the boston attacks might serve as a new model for terrorism in the 21st century. seeing how two kids with backpack bombs seem to have succeeded in putting a major u.s. city on lockdown, it may now dawn on al qaeda leaders that a series of small-scale attacks like this conversation the same impact as one spectacular mass casualty attack. through a combination of skill and luck, we've done well at preventing the next 9/11. preventing the next boston massacre might not be as easy. joining me today, former dnc communications director and msnbc host, karen finney, "new york times" op
and the fbi is looking at photos like this from nbc affiliate whdh to see if the nylon bags might have been placed in trash bags on the sidewalk to appear less conspicuous. there are still no suspects, but the fbi is sifting through as many as 2,000 tips and tens of thousands of videos and photographs. president obama will travel to boston tomorrow for an interfaith service to mourn and to pray. he called what happened terrorism. >> this was a han niehaus and cowardly act and given what we now now about what took place, the fbi is investigating it as an act of terrorism. anytime bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror. >> among the dead, 8-year-old martin richard, 29-year-old krystle campbell and the third victim is a boston university grad student from china whose parents asked her name not be made public. let's get to the latest with pete williams. i want to start with the two photos, the before and after of a bag next to a mailbox. how important are investigators thinking these could be? >> to be determined, i think. they are looking at this picture and simila
, the fbi denied reports from other media outlets that an arrest had been made in the case. well, meanwhile, investigators continued to collect forensic evidence from the attack site as they learn more about the bomb that was used. well, nbc news reported that the bomb's triggering mechanism was fairly sophisticated. it included a battery pack and circuit board, both of which were recovered at the scene. there's no indication at this time of any connection to overseas groups. meanwhile, a devastated defeat in washington for gun safety advocates this afternoon. the u.s. senate has voted down the compromised deal on extended background checks put forth by joe manchin and pat toomey. the vote was 54 for, 46 against. it takes 60 votes to get a bill passed. president obama was joined afterwards by gabby giffords and families of newtown victims and delivered one passionate reaction to today's vote which roughly 40% of the american people believe in something, the senate failed to respond. >> all in all, this was a pretty shameful day for washington. but this effort is not over. >> 90% of the amer
it will be is a criminal complaint backed up by an affidavit by an fbi agent that i'm told will have some additional details about the bombing plot, about how the bombs -- how the bomb was made, how the bombing parts were purchased, about the video surveillance that led them to dzhokhar tsarnaev, and the purpose is to show the evidence that they have against this guy, and they're going to lay some, but not all, of that out in the fbi affidavit. >> mike, precisely, specifically, what is he likely to be charged with? >> reporter: well, it's going to be terrorism-relatinged charges, and that could include a charge for use of weapons of mass destruction. the ied bombs will be, can fit under that section of the federal code, and that -- that and these other charges could -- would lead to the death penalty, if convicted. doesn't mean that the federal government will seek the death penalty, but these charges could result in the death penalty. we won't know whether the justice department is seeking the death penalty from this criminal complaint charge today. that will come much later. >> let's talk about th
in the best people in the country here in boston. we've got some of the best to begin, people from the fbi, new york, other areas that are specially trained on that. this is an amazing country, and as much as we feel that we're pulled apart tonight, i just think of all those people running shoulder and shoulder. and this city is lifeless tonight. >> yeah. >> but there will be tomorrow, and we're going to be pulling together as a country. and this is a very resilient city as well and we will pull together and help as much as we can the victims, and we're going to make sure that the people who did this are brought to justice. >> congressman, thank you for being with us. appreciate your time. thanks for being with us on msnbc. we are able to confirm three dead and more than 110 people injured. the injury numbers at this point, we've heard 113, 120, we are getting continued updates from the hospitals, from the many hospitals close to where i am, mass general, in terms of those treated. as we get more details, this does seem to have mostly hit people who had been gathered on the sidelines, not
careful throughout your reporting i want to go to clint van vandt fbi profiler. clint as well as we are getting reports -- we don't have clint yet, but we will later. roger as well as james cavanaugh. former atf agent, from the reporting that you are hearing from michael and the possible links if this you tube account is indeed linked to one of the suspects, what's your reaction to that? are you there? >> i'm here. >> what would your reaction be to the report about a link to the you tube account showing international ties to militant groups here? >> it's important information for the commander who are handling the barricade situation that we are watching and the negotiators that are probably going to be dealing with him and may be talking with him right now. to have an idea of where they are coming from from the family members in the washington area maybe from his father and anybody who knew him and the carjack citizen and they will try to get a dialogue going with him and see what he is trying to do. when people get into the modes of they are going to blow up public places, they ha
published everywhere and up on the tv screens everywhere and hours earlier by the fbi in the afternoon. they carjack an individual who is driving a mercedes suv. authorities know who the individual is. the news media know who the individual is. we know his name. we're not going to report his name, obviously. he has been fully debriefed. and is really part of a really interesting equation to this whole awful, awful story. in that they hijacked the car. they take his credit card. and they make three different attempts with his credit card to withdraw money from atm machines. the first one failed because they put in the wrong p.i.n. number. the second one, they managed to withdraw $800 in cash. they make a third attempt, and it's rejected because the cardholder, the person whose car was hijacked by them, that exceeds his daily limit of getting money from an atm. they then drop that person off unharmed after telling him that they are the marathon day bombers and then they proceed to get into the firefight with police. >> i think your focus on that character is, i mean i thought the same th
the area where the bomb was left moments before and moments after the detonation. the fbi is looking at these photos and others like them for clues as to who placed the bombs and when. now there is precedent for devices like these. in 2004, the fbi sent out a memo on the use of homemade pressure cooker bombs. al qaeda's online magazine gave instructions for making them just last month and in the 2010 attempted attack on times square, one of the devices found included a pressure cooker and 125 firecrackers. meanwhile, the search of an apartment belonging to a foreign student injured in the blast has so far turned up nothing and he's not considered a suspect at this point. yesterday, president obama was direct in his characterization of the bombings. >> this was a heinous and cowardly act and given what we now know about what took place, the fbi is investigating it as an act of terrorism. any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror. we also know this. the american people refuse to be terrorized because what the world saw yesterday in the aftermath of th
baseball cap at the marathon, police, fbi agents, and s.w.a.t. team officers are combing the suburb of watertown where the surviving suspect is believed to be hiding. that's where he and his older brother ended up earlier this morning after they killed an m.i.t. campus policeman. the older brother, the one in the dark hat, was killed in an intense shootout there that left a boston transit officer seriously injured. [ gunfire ] >> authorities say the surviving suspect may be armed with explosives or even a suicide vest. he may also be injured. some reports say police tracked him during the manhunt by his blood trail. his uncle spoke out today. >> i say dzhokhar, if you're alive, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness from the victims, from the injured, and from those who left. as forgiveness from these people. >> police found today at least seven homemade bombs in watertown and cambridge. authorities are now trying to figure out if the older brother had terror training during a trip overseas last year. meanwhile, president obama has summoned his entire national security team to the
with nails and ball bearings as well. the fbi says it's found the mangled remains of what appears to be a pressure cooker in a black nylon back that possibly held the bombs. the fbi is also examining photos like this one where you can see what looks like a trash bag next to a mailbox. that same shot just moments after shows a devastating scene. invest garretigators are lookin whether the devices were put in trash bags to hide them. meantime, they continue to ask the public for help in the form of pictures, videos and tips. >> the person who did this is someone's friend, neighbor, co-worker or relative. someone knows who did this. >> former mayor rudy giuliani in office during the 9/11 attacks weighed in on "morning joe," saying people need to give investigators more time to come up with answers. >> i think that impatience with the investigation is a little misplaced. i was in london the day of the bombing and back in 2005, it took a while to catch those people and they have maybe three times the surveillance cameras that we have. >> also today, mourning the victims. vigils and new
is dawn, a veteran of the fbi. assistant special agent in charge of the new york joint terrorism task force. chief operating officer of the strategic consulting agency. so, i don't know anything about the subject of bombs. did i say anything in that lead up that struck you? i think. >> i think you were spot on. it's not a unique phenomenon. it's none the less effective. you pointed out the difference between the bombs we saw for the plot where these, this person went and had specific training in pakistan, afghanistan, learned how to make the concentrated hydrogen peroxide and was going to use that as a main component. that takes training and a bit of practice, which he did, he practiced in denver, then came to new york. that was thwarted because of good intelligence. these are materials readily available. one of the things that will be interesting, what was the charging mechanism? circuit boards and timers and setting a directional charge. these are some of the things that add a degree of sophistication to a bomb that's otherwise crude. normally, you can take one of these devices, set
organizations, including the fbi and the boston police department gave the latest on their investigations. >> our mission is clear, to bring to justice those responsible for the marathon bombing. the american public wants answers, the citizens of the city of boston and the commonwealth of massachusetts want and deserve answers. this remains a very active investigation, our ongoing investigation in various locations throughout the area goes on. however, there are no known additional threats. i'm not going to say who is, who it might or might not be in custody right now. >> we are in the process of securing and processing the most complex crime scene that we've dealt with in the history of our department. >> here is what we know at this hour there were two confirmed explosive devices containing ball bearings, contrary to earlier reports, there were no other unexploded devices at the scene. nbc news is also reporting that officials are studying surveillance video and have focused on one piece of tape showing an unidentified person carrying two back pacs. too early to
of defense chuck hagel has not seen evidence to link the bombings to terror groups. scrutiny turns to the fbi who reportedly questioned the older brother tamerlan in 2011 at the request of a foreign government. this is so interesting. of russia. the fbi told the a.p. despite interviewing him and relatives they did not find any activity. the agency dropped the ball. richard, i wonder if there is going to be a lot of questions and maybe even hearings out of this or what comes to mind just knowing those basic facts? >> there probably will be hearings of the fbi whether it learned more or could have done more. critics say that is monday morning quarterbacking. it ought to be about what we were talking about, what can we do to prevent or identify young people who are radicalized and how did we respond and how what did we learn about lockdowns. as the military would say it ought not to just focus on fbi. it's much bigger and much broader. we have to learn a lot from this. the reason is this is not a one off. this type of low, if you will, granular terrorism, a couple of people and not talking about
have been injured. >>> and in boston, the fbi believes they've isolated an image of a potential bombing suspect. new details just ahead. good morning. we begin with a massive and deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant in texas. we have video of the moment that blast took place. it is disturbing. in the clip, you can hear how the explosion led to sheer terror for a child watching nearby. [ explosion ] >> i can't hear. i can't hear. get out of here. please, get out of here. >> oh, my god. >> please, get out of here. please, get out of here. dad, please get out of here. >> this morning, police are not giving exact numbers on casualties. but early reports indicate that hundreds are injured. it all happened in the city of west, texas. that's about 20 miles north of waco. and registered a magnitude 2.1 on the richter scale. the local ems director was visibly injured in the blast. and he describes the explosion. >> just a major, major explosion. the windows came in on me. the roof came in on me. the ceiling came in. i worked my way out to go get some more help. we lost all communication becaus
been critical of the f.b.i. and some of their responses to 9/11. i wrote a book called "our own worst enemy" about some of the dumb things we did and it i give great credit to their level of investigation. you look at their historic record. the 1993 attacks on the world trade center. the bomb they put put on the basement, they figured out quick enough so when the idiots that set the bomb went back to their rental car place to get their deposit back on their truck, it was f.b.i. agents behind the counter waiting for them. look how quickly they traced down timothy mcveigh. one of the things we're best at in the united states is the forensics that took place after one of these attacks which is why whenever last bomb attack like mumbai or whatever, they request these f.b.i. experts to go over there and do it. i was very positive that we would find so much evidence and there's and then combining that with the eyewitnesses and combining it with the videos that we resolve this rather quickly and also, looking that make a good court it thi to care them, but you also have to make your case in
. the fbi wants to talk to two people seen on tape. specifically a man in a baseball cap who was talking on his cell phone. the man was seen dropping a black bag near the finish line of the race and walking away. it was caught on camera by department store lord & taylor's surveillance camera perched outside the store facing the race. nbc's michael isikoff is covering the investigation live in boston for us, and michael, now that they have this video, perhaps a faith, what's next? >> reporter: well, what we're -- what's next is we're likely, we're told we're going to have an fbi briefing this afternoon, most likely shortly after the president's speech, and we are expecting, we'll see these photos. it's not for sure yet. there's been a lot of discussion about whether to release them, but these are the two persons of interest as it were that the fbi wants to talk to. now, again, they do not -- we are told, do not have the names of these individuals. they don't know who they are. they are going to once again seek the public's help just like they were seeking the public's help a couple of day
. clearly this there will be communications with the russians, the federal security service, their fbi, their foreign service, new version of the kgb, to learn what was there. but as the governor said, we're very early on in this investigation. what type of linkages, it's going to take some time before we can identify them. >> and youunderlining the fact williams reported, there may be others beyond these two involved. that's the obvious question for law enforcement. >> is there a cell? >> is there a cell? who are they in communication with, here or abroad, is this part of a larger plot? i remember an analyst saying this is probably somebody with ties to boston. part of the story you made reference to it, if he's a u.s. citizen, the one still at large, the brother still at large, what happened to him while he was here? we're hearing on our air about you know people who wrestled with him or -- >> high school classmates who says that he was -- he was a regular kid. that he was in and out of their homes. they went to proms together. i mean -- >> something happened along the way where he b
marathon bombing rose to a boil thursday evening when the fbi released these blurry images showing two men carrying backpacks near the finish line at monday's race. authorities also released surveillance footage showing the men who we could -- we have come later to find out were 26 year oiled tamerlan tsarnaev and his 19-year-old brother dzhokhar. on friday, after a homeowner in massachusetts contacted police about a possible suspect being in the boat behind his home, authorities used what they called a forward looking infrared device to produce the thermal you see here. james bond like gadgetry. it confirmed that a person wa in fact in the boat. it's hard to see how the police could have found the suspect this quickly without the dwroo of this surveillance power. it's exactly that power, valerie, that gives me some pause. >> that's right. this entire debate, we must remember, is happening as we're living out the consequences of the counterterrorism measures that our government put into place after 9/11. right now the city of new york is debating whether their police department needs indep
. he's been briefed throughout the day by robert muller, the director of the fbi as well as dhs secretary, janet napolitano. he will continue to get updates throughout the evening. there's not a lot of information on who carried out the attacks this evening. they don't know if it was carried out by someone here on u.s. soil or someone abroad. so, that is really the key question they are looking into. again, president obama is looking to monitor this situation into the evening. lawrence? >> thank you. joining me now with the latest on that investigation, nbc news justice correspondent, pete williams. >> lawrence, good evening. investigators know this attack involved two bombs. what they don't know is whether there were other explosives involved. at least five other packages found on the street were deemed to be suspicious and destroyed by boston police and bomb squad techs. there were many packages to check. people dropped what they were carrying and ran away. we have heard conflicting accounts about whether there were unexploded bombs. some say two other packages were found that
the community of boston heal. he has been briefed throughout the day by robert muller director of the fbi, wells dhs secretary janet napolitano and he will continue to get updates throughout the evening. again, there's not a whole lot of information in terms of who actually carried out the acts of frustration this evening because they don't know if this was carried out by someone here on u.s. soil or someone abroad. so that is really the key question they are looking into. again, president obama continuing to monitor the situation into the evening, lawrence. >> kristen welker, thank you. joining me now nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. >> lawrence, good evening. investigators know for certain that this attack involved two bombs, but what they don't know is whether there were any other explosives involved. and frankly, the information on this is confused tonight. at least five other packages found on the street were deemed to be suspicious, and were destroyed by boston police and bomb squad techs. and there were many packages to check, officials say, because after the explosions, peop
of the strategic consult, former fbi official. i guess the -- excuse me. we have the west, texas, news conference. don, i apologize. it's in progress, about the explosion overnight at the fertilizer plant. >> i know from the previous doing a couple of these, that me asking you not to ask any questions is probably not going to work. just be ready for when you do, there are some things i will tell you i do not know. all right? i won't rehash old stuff unless everybody needs that. or are there folks here that need it? we're aware of why we're here, i'm assuming. all right. here's what i have so far. we have verified the times, are a little different from what we first thought. fire call came in at 7:29 local time. the west fire department responded to that call. and was in the process of working an active fire at the fertilizer plant. at 7:53 p.m., we got the first call of an explosion at the plant. those of you that have seen the video understand the devastating effects of that explosion. it was a significant explosion. i have talked to the troops that are on the ground there now, that were going d
, is the continual gathering of evidence by forensics teams from the atf, alcohol, tobacco and firearms and the fbi and secret service. they are going to get it right. they are going to get it correct. they don't want to jump into any judgments. they don't want to be wrong when, indeed, they do bring a suspect or suspects into court for arraignment. i think that's the thing to focus on. pete williams focused on that clearly yesterday and he got it right. >> mike barnicle, thank you. we have got another big story that we need to cover this morning so i am going to move on. we will step back into boston for sure throughout the show. but on capitol hill, less than 55% of the senate was willing to back a proposal that poll show supported by roughly 90% of the public. the push for expanded background checks for gun purchases was defeated yesterday in a stinging loss for president obama and, i might add to the script, for the country. and also for the victims of violence who had lobbied congress to reform the nation's laws. >> the yeas are 54 and nays 46. under the previous order requiring 60% for the ad
and the fbi and the authorities do their job, stay the you know what out of it. stay out of it. i mean just stfu lindsey graham. he and john mccain of course his butt boy -- or which one is which i don't know. and pete king same thing they want to turn this into a political football. they want to turn this act of terror and heroic work by our law enforcement officers into political football, and it pisses me off, and it should piss everyone else off. they should just shut up. 866-55-press, don't you think? >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪ that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with
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